Shandong Huaxin Communication Technology Co. ,Ltd. has been committed to the Photoelectric communication for more than a decade.

  • 75-5 同轴电缆
  • 75-7 同轴电缆
  • 自承式同轴电缆
  • 75-9 同轴电缆
  • 视频监控线
  • 光线复合缆
  • 电源线
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With regard to customers, Huaxin meets the changes, innovating, adapting to the daily changes of the market, facing changes, rational treatment, full communication, and sincere cooperation.
In terms of work, Huaxin has a sense of foresight, set up new methods, new ideas, create changes, and bring about breakthroughs in performance, and take the responsibility. Passion is optimistic, never give up; dedication is professional and persistent.
To treat the interests, the Huaxin people take the overall situation into account, and do not count on the personal gains and losses, with a positive and optimistic attitude, constantly motivating themselves and setting higher goals. Today's things are not pushed to tomorrow. Today's best cash is the minimum requirement of tomorrow.
In the course of learning, the Chinese new people continue to improve themselves. They fully reflect the results and create the best products and services based on talent and technology. The first, the first class, and the change.
Treat the service, the Chinese new people coexist and win-win, service only start, satisfaction without end, put my heart in your heart: confidence, integrity: heart, innovation; network memory confidant, Tianya if neighbor!
The Huaxin people believe that... "Hard work, good faith commitment, practical effectiveness": hard work style to fight a solid foundation of enterprise; with honest faith to promise first-class enterprise service; in the spirit of work to create efficient enterprise performance!